What We Love

Blogs we Love!

  • The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking - This is no longer an active blog, whoever we love it so much that we feel like it is worth reading from start to finish. The blog is filled with helpful household tips, DIY projects and wonderful recipes. The creator of this blog, Kelly Oribine, now blogs at www.KellyOribine.com. (and yes, we love that blog too!)

  • MADE - I always look to this site first for answers to my sewing questions. Dana of MADE now has a Youtube channel called MADE Everyday with Dana, which I haven't checked out yet, but I can't wait to. It looks exciting!

Our Favorite Web Sites!

  • Cake CentralHave you checked out this site? It has endless inspirations, how-to's and tutorials for all of you cake and cookie decorating and baking needs. Also a great community of readers to answer questions and give suggestions.

  • Pandora - Great music for free! You can "create" your own stations by genre, artist or song. You can "like" the songs that are your favorite and Pandora will continue to customize your station to your individual taste. You can also upgrade to a commercial free Pandora 

Products to Rave About!
  • Keurig Coffe Maker - Fresh hot coffee, ready when you want it? What's not too love! 
  • Kindle Fire

Have You Read This Book?

Chef Mom's "Got to Have it" Kitchen Favorites

  • Large stainless steel mixing Bowl
  • KitchenAid Mixer
  • Reusable Parchment Paper
  • Air Bake Pans
  • Pyrex Glass Storage Containers

Cake Artist's "Got to Have it" Tools and More

  • Parish Magic Line Cake Pans of all shapes and sizes - you can't beat the price or the quality (at least I haven't found anything that does.
  • Wilton's Perfect Fill Batter Dispenser - It attaches to an icing bag which you fill with batter. It makes it quick and easy to put the perfect amount of batter in each cupcake with minimal mess

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