Friday, March 14, 2014

Bride and Groom Cake Pops

It is always fun to have some food with a meaningful touch when celebrating a special occasion. I made these fun cake pops for a bridal shower. But they could just as easily be used for a wedding, an engagement party or a bachelorette party!  

If you are new to making cake pops there are many tutorials on the internet. But perhaps the best one is by Bakerella . So you know how to make cake pops now? Well let's get started with decorating these ones!

You will need

White Candy Melts (melted)
Black Candy Melts (melted)
Large Pearl Sprinkles
Granulated Sugar
Two Squeeze Bottles (one for the white candy melts and one for the black candy melts)

Dip all of the cake pops in the melted white candy melts. Allow them to completely harden. They should be dry to the touch. 

Groom Cake Pop

To get the "tuxedo look" you will have to dip the cake pop into the melted candy at three different angles. Dip the back half in completely, then dip the two sides in at angle, leaving a white triangle. This might take some practice to get the desired look. Make sure to leave this triangle area large enough to add a bow tie and some buttons. Next use the bottle of black candy melts to go over the collar and lapel. Also add the bow tie. Now using the bottle of white candy melts add two for the buttons and quickly place a pearl sprinkle before the melts harden.

Bride Cake Pops

Use the bottle of white melts and draw some squiggly lines to give it a lace look and sprinkle it with granulated sugar before it dries to add some texture. Next draw a line around the top of the cake pop and add pearl sprinkles before it dries.

Now enjoy your beautiful cake pops!

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